Monday, June 18, 2012


I'm REALLY excited about starting school at GSU.  They have a nationally ranked Public Policy program.  When I was looking to apply to schools, they were my #1 choice.  Soon after I finished my application, the program director called and told me I'd been accepted.  As if that wasn't enough, they offered me a lot of money to come there.  So I said yes!

See how sweet?
When I told my man I'd been accepted, he was genuinely excited for me.  He was very supportive and so sweet about it.  When I was applying, he'd made it clear he didn't want me to go there because it would mean either long commutes for both of us, or living apart.  So I was nervous to tell him I was accepted.  But he was great about it. 

And then we avoided talking about it for weeks...  It was really hard to talk about.  But he is so supportive of me going to school there.  He never made me feel bad or guilty for wanting to go to school there, and he encourages me to be excited about it.

So I am!  I'm looking into apartments in the area (hoping for no commute!), and trying to plan decor and furnishing.  There are a few problems with this.  First, I'm about 1500 miles away from Atlanta.  Though I did visit a few places back in march, I can't really gather any new info...  Second, I'm flat broke.  I won't be for long once I get there, but I will be broke when I get there.  Luckily, that extra special, super sweet man in the picture is going to loan me enough to get my apartment and live until I get my first paycheck. 

I'm also looking forward to school.  I'll only be taking 3 classes at a time (as opposed to 5), and work will be school related and only 16 hours a week.  Plus (and don't tell them this), the classes should be a bit easier than the advanced Econ topics I was studying.  Not quite as intense mathematically.  So I'm really looking forward to it.  And, I'll get my own cubicle.  And I'll get to do research.  And I'll FINALLY get to study government instead of business economics. 

Oh, I'm just so excited. 

And I'm going to be living in Atlanta.  I've been to Atlanta many many times, but never thought about calling it home.  It's such a big city.  I'm from a town of about 4,000 people.  My grandparents went to the same high school I did.  It's just such a big step for me.  I'm very excited.  And I bet there's good sushi!

It's coming up fast, too.  I just can't believe it's only about two months until I start school.6 5555555555555555557 (Kitten now has no qualms walking on my keyboard...)  Part of me is very excited and hopes time will fly.  But another part wants time to stop so I can spend forever in my man's arms.  Ready or not, it's coming. 

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