Tuesday, June 19, 2012

One dead iron and One Linen Skirt

My iron is officially dead.  Probably won't have a funeral.  It might even be fun to throw into the dumpster.  Either way, I have to replace it.  It smells terrible. And it makes little popping sounds.  I think it's parker's fault.  He likes to lay on the ironing board.  And he loves to knock things in the floor (seconds later after this photo was taken, he knocked the remote off the ironing board).  And he is just a little athlete, so he's constantly taking off and knocking over the ironing board. The iron's fallen to the floor, hung from it's cord, and been knocked over countless times in the past couple weeks.  Nevermind that she's no spring chicken to begin with...

So that's on tomorrow's agenda.  Thrift store an iron, that I'll likely re-donate at the end of the summer.  So I hope I don't find one I really like.  I just need something cheap that works. I have to re donate my ironing board, too.  It barely fit in the car when it was empty... And the car was stuffed full on the way out here.  Eh, we'll figure it out.

So here's one of the skirts I made earlier this summer.  It is a black linen or linen blend (got it at a thrift store, so I'm not sure)  I used almost exactly all the fabric (really lucky) and I love it.  It was inspired by a pin I saw on pinterest.  It links to an etsy listing that apparently no longer exists.  The inspiration was in a khaki linen-looking fabric.  I just love it.  I wish I had a better picture of my skirt.  But honestly, it looks almost exactly like the inspiration.  It's not as full, but otherwise, the style is the same.  I've worn it a few times already.  And I like it a lot.  It's super cool and comfy in this desert heat.  The back is gathered for a good fit and volume there, too.  And it is a perfect length -- it just touches the tops of my feet.  I think the inspiration skirt is a bit short.  Maybe it's just the shape or the picture.  It also has nice deep pockets.

I'm pretty sure that linen cost me under $2, and the time was free, as I have nothing better to do.  Maxi skirts tend to be expensive because of the fabric involved, even if you make them yourself.  This one was cheap, and perfect for me.

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