Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yummy breakfast, cute shirt, and Kittens!

This morning, I finally got around to making one of the recipes I saved.  You can find it here.  It's a breakfast ring of crescent rolls filled with cheese, bacon, and eggs.  It's such a flexible recipe, too.  I want to try it with sausage and different cheeses, and maybe some green onions.  They also talk about putting tomatoes and chilis for a southwestern kick.  I might rather just veggies.  Tomatoes, green peppers, and mushrooms.  Like an omelet in crescent rolls.  Yum!

I crumbled my bacon instead of putting slices on whole.  I just thought whole pieces might come out in the first bite and tear the thing apart.  And next time I'd cook it a bit longer.  The insides of my crescents were still a bit gooey -- fine by me, though.  I like crescent roll dough.  Then again, maybe it's just our oven.  It's busted.  The door doesn't close all the way, so it doesn't vent right.

Anyway, it was delicious.  I think one slice wouldn't be enough for a normal breakfast though.  Two slices, or maybe one with some fruit salad would be perfect.  It was so yummy.  I'll definitely make it again.  Preferably when I have a microwave or toaster oven to reheat the leftovers. Using the oven for everything is just a hassle, especially considering its issues.

And yes, that is a paper plate.  We don't have a dishwasher, so we just bought a huge thing of paper plates and bowls at costco.  We only use dishes when we absolutely have to (which is surprisingly infrequent).

Today I wore a shirt I made yesterday.  The fabric is adorable.  I got it years ago at a thrift store and tried to make something immediately, which didn't turn out so good.  After that, I was scared to use it because I love the fabric and I wanted to be sure I got something wearable out of it.  But I've already made two t-shirts with this pattern, and I love them.  So I thought it was safe enough.  It's a printed stretch knit.  It's not the softest or stretchiest, but it is adorable.  It's a light purple with little animals on it.  There are owls, squirrels, bears, racoons.. Oh it's just so cute.  There wasn't quite enough to make the sleeves the same fabric, but I like the white sleeves anyway.  In fact, I think the first shirt I tried to make was a similar style with the same fabrics.  I love the way it turned out and it's easy and comfy.  I'm really trying to wear more stuff I make, and even more "nice" stuff.  I think this shirt would go better with a skirt or nice pants than most of the mass-made tees I have.  I love it.

BTW, it's inspired by a stretch lace top I saw over at Made by Rae. Hers is adorable, too.  She also provides a tutorial on how to make your own pattern for this shirt. It's simple, and perfect! Now I have one in solid purple, one with black and white striped body and red sleeves, and this new animal purple one.  I love them.  And making them with knits means no finishing needed.  So if you do a solid one, it's two seams!  You can finish the neckline, but I didn't on one, and it's holding up fine.

To make mine have different colored sleeves, I just folded my pattern over where I wanted that seam, and retraced the two pieces.  I added a bit of seam allowance and cut the sleeves on the fold so that the seams are under the arms instead of on the tops of the shoulders.  

Next I plan to use this pattern for a woven material.  I'm curious also about changing the sleeves some.  But since I already know the body fits great (loose, but follows curves prettily), I want to keep it and change up the other details.  This would be a great shirt to do some playing around with embellishments like fabric flowers or something. 

I also had to get some bedding for the rats, who needed their cage cleaned today.  So I went to the pet store, only to find the CUTEST kittens (I mean, other than mine, of course).  One looks a lot like Friday did when she was a kitten.  The other was a tabby point little fuzz ball.  I want them both!  One day, I'll own my home (hopefully a large one with a basement for a litter box) and I'll have ALL the cats.  I just can't say no to their adorable little faces.  Her name is Leah.  And I want her now.  :(  They take good care of her, though.  Hopefully someone will fall in love with her like I did and give her a wonderful, huge home, with lots of toys and good food and places to climb.  ... I'm going to have so many cats.  It's a good thing my man likes them, too.

Just for comparison, here are some pictures of kitten from about a year ago.   I think the little fuzz ball I saw today probably is short haired.  And her ears stick out of the side of her head.  But otherwise, they could be sisters, too.  And who knows, maybe they are.  Friday came from a shelter out here, too. 

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