Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finally Sewing!

I've gotten a lot done on my quilt!  I've sewn a lot of it together.  It's been a bit of slow going because I keep getting interrupted to pack, which I'm also almost done with.  Today I packed up the dishes and other kitchen stuff.  I've also packed up the boy's stuff that I'm taking.  Since he's flying back, he doesn't want to have to bring back all his clothes and stuff on the plane.  So other than the stuff I'm going to use between now and time to go, I'm all packed up.  I haven't packed my sewing machine yet.  I think that will make me very sad.. Now I can sew whenever there's a lull in packing or doing stuff.  Once it's packed, I'll have to work constantly.  Odd how not sewing is work... 

Back to the quilt.  So as soon as I finished cutting, I started sewing together the little squares.  I sewed them together in a long chain and then together to make blocks.  

This is the first block I finished!  I've started sewing the blocks together to form strings.  After that, I'll sew the strings together side-by-side, put on a border, make it a sandwich, and quilt!  Almost there.  Here's my strings that I've sewn together.  

So that's where I am.  And probably where I'll be for a few days. 

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