Saturday, July 16, 2011

Poor Friday

My poor baby kitten got spayed today.  She is 15 weeks old, if you want to believe what the shelter said.  I have always thought she was younger.  She seems like she's going to be a huge cat, and she was itty bitty when we got her. See?
So cute and innocent... And today we had to take her to the vet to get her cut up... She's taken it like a champ, though.  When we came home, she slept and slept and slept.  The other kitties were worried.  But she woke up gradually, and now she's playful and friendly.  She's not running around with all her normal kitten energy, but she is playing.  I was worried about her.  I've never gotten a kitten that wasn't already spayed or neutered, so this is my first time really dealing with it. She has only licked her incision a little.  I'm so proud of her. 

I'm also worried because it's incredibly hot in our apartment.  The high today was somewhere around 103.  While a swamp cooler usually works just fine, ours is blowing out hot air... So the cats are laying out on the tiles by the door. We are coping by getting ice cream and popsicles and putting wet rags in the freezer. I feel bad that the cats don't have these options. 

I don't have much by way of crafting right now because of all the crazy going on.  Hopefully I'll get a few minutes in of something.  I just finished a pair of shorts (except button/buttonhole - lost my feed dog cover!).  Maybe I can get some pics of those in tomorrow and show you! 


  1. Awwww, what a cute little kittie!!

    Here in the UK we wait until cats are 6mths old to get them done so it must be even more worrying when they are still very much babies.

    Still animals are very resilient, I am sure she'll be back to normal very soon.

    S x
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  2. Now I'm curious, what is a swamp cooler? I have a puppy (actually I should probably call her a dog by now) and she had her surgery done as well - spent her first night at the vets, and the second night I spent watching her in her crate in case she started kicking at her incision...she slept a lot better then I did!

  3. Sarah - She's doing great. I wish we could have waited until she was 6 months old. I waited as long as I could. She came from the shelter and a part of her adoption fee was a voucher for free spay, but only at a local doctor. Since I'm leaving town next week, I had to do it now or I'd end up paying god knows how much for it!

    Snail mail - Being from the east (a very humid climate) I'd never heard of a swamp cooler either until I got out to the desert. It's an evaporative cooler, used in place of air conditioning in dry climates. It is just a fan blown over a wet pad, basically. So the evaporation of the water cools the air, but only when it's dry. If the air is full of water already, nothing will evaporate.

    It works completely different from an air conditioner. You MUST leave a window open, as the unit works by bringing in outside air and cycles it through quickly. A swamp cooler has two settings - on and off. So the thermostat in our apartment is just for looks. They do work pretty well, but when they don't, there isn't much you can do. They are called swamp coolers because, well, sometimes the moist pad starts to smell. Like a swamp...