Thursday, July 21, 2011

Space bag!!

I finally got around to packing that space bag I got a few days ago!  I had decided to just pack my clothes in it.  So I started with that.  And it wasn't even halfway full.  This bag is huge.  So I packed a blanket and all my fabric in there, too.  This stuff was enough to fill my big duffel suitcase and 3 boxes.  Plus the blanket.  Here's the before. 
Huge.  So much stuff.  Since I don't have a vacuum, I had to carry this out to my car.  It was incredibly heavy.  I took it down the street to a car wash and vacuumed out the air.  It worked perfectly.  I was really impressed.  Here's the after.
I've always been skeptical of these things, and you know in the commercial they are just using really fluffy stuff to shrink as much as possible.  But it actually worked.  So now I am really confident I'll be able to pack all my stuff without any trouble.  See I have a sedan, and almost the whole back seat will be taken up by the cats' cage.  On the way out here, the car was stuffed as full as it could get.  And of course we've bought stuff over the summer that we want to keep.  Since he is flying back later, there will be some room in the front seat, but I knew that wouldn't be enough.  With this, I'm pretty sure it'll all go in easily.  The only thing I maybe don't like is that it is SO heavy.  I wish they had these ones with the tote in a medium size instead of just enormous.

The little one found the hammock today!  She likes to lay in it, too.

Now I'm thinking about quilting it a bit to keep it from stretching so much.  I don't know if that would work or not, but it might be worth a try. 

I didn't get to start sewing tonight like I wanted.  I'm definitely going to start tomorrow, though.  I don't really know what to pack next, though the kitchen is really the only thing left.. I might start that, too.  I feel like I'm not getting as much packing done as I need to.  And I'm scared to put stuff in the car because the temperature varies so much out here.  A lot of things will be destroyed by car-in-desert-sun temperatures.  I actually slept most of the evening.  I've been having some terrible hip pain.  I have some hip problems, so this isn't totally a surprise.  But I haven't been all that active, so I don't know what's triggering it.  I was cleaning stuff up and it really hurt, so I took some advil and laid down.  Slept from 8 until 11.. And I'm still tired.  Goodnight!!

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