Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I have to get more sleep

Today has been busy...  I didn't get much sleep last night, either.  Maybe 5 hours. So I'm tired, too.  I stopped by walmart first thing after dropping the boy off at work.  I got a space bag.  It's one of the newer ones that includes a tote to zip it up in after it's compacted.  I think that will provide it some extra durability for being packed in my car and maybe a defense against kitten claws.  I was planning to put fabric in it, but now that I'm actually working with fabric, I think I might pack my clothes (except some stuff to wear for a week..) in it and put my fabric in my suitcase.   Only problem is I don't have a vacuum.  My plan is to pack it up and put it in the car, take it to a place with a vacuum for cleaning out your car, and vacuum it down.  My car could probably use a good vacuuming, too, after I get out all the trash.  Packing it will likely be an adventure.  Kitties are sure to be curious.  One claw is all it takes...

I also went to pick up my darning plate/feed dog cover.  I lost mine months ago.  I finally got one special ordered for me.  I'm excited because now I can finish my seersucker shorts!  They are only lacking a button and button hole.  More on those tomorrow. 

Friday decided to help me.  She is feeling much better from her surgery.  She is up to 100%.  Amazingly resilient kitten.  And so cute!

I went out and looked at some rotary cutters today.  They are still a bit out of my price range, so here's hoping my mom has an old one lying around that she doesn't need anymore.  It would be amazing if she also had a cutting mat.  Mom?  You hearing this?

In preparation for our trip next week (20 hours of drive time - 1 human, 3 cats....), I've left out the crate the cats will be locked in for the journey.  It's a medium-sized dog crate that I got free off freecycle.  It's a little banged up, but for free, I'll take it!  I leave the door open and I've but some blankets and stuff in there.  I'm hoping that will help them not be quite so miserable for the trip.  So far, they have spent a lot of time in there, especially Friday (or the Little One, as we like to call her).  I made a hammock before the trip out here, and as soon as I put that up, the boys started hanging out up there. 
That's Duncan in his hammock, which was really easy to make.  It's two rectangles of fleece zigzag-ed together for strength with clips attached to nylon webbing on each corner.  It adds a lot of space for the cats in the crate.  It's a big crate, but making it have two levels really helps them not have to lay on top of each other the whole time.  Plus it adds space so they can have litter and food in there for the journey!  I'm worried about getting them in and out of the car, but other than that I know the trip will be fine.

I think I've figured out a good way to hold their food/water bowls, too.  I have a few clips leftover from making purses.  I figure I can attach some wide elastic to the clips to hold the bowls against the side.  That should be enough to keep them from tipping over when the car turns or slows down.  I hope it works.  Cage bowls are expensive!

I just realized I don't have any pictures of Parker (the middle child) up.  He likes to sleep under the bed and paw at the camera.  So it's harder to find good pics of him.  Let me look...

Ah! Here's his second favorite sleeping spot. 

He's a cutie.

Something I saw in walmart made my day.  There was an ad for the new NCAA Football 12 video game.  I don't play video games much, so I'm not too excited by the game coming out.  However, I was excited by its cover!

Yea, that's Mark Ingram!  It was pretty cool to be wandering the aisles of Walmart in Albuquerque, New Mexico in my Alabama t-shirt, then run across this!  Roll Tide.

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  1. Your kitties are soo freaking cute!

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