Saturday, July 16, 2011

My first quilt?

So I'm thinking about making a quilt.  So far, the majority of my projects have been clothing and bags.  And after all that sewing, I have a bunch of scrap pieces of fabric.  I have even more in my storage building back home.  I've really been intrigued by the look of scrap/crazy quilts.  I'm leaving New Mexico to go back home to Alabama a week from Monday.  I get to spend a few days with my mom (who I can hopefully talk into teaching me all she knows about quilting) and then I'm going back to school. 

I actually have two of my mom's quilts on my bed right now.  It would be amazing to learn from her.  I'm hoping I can also talk her into letting me keep some of her scraps and old fabric for my potential quilt.  I've been spending most of my crafty time looking for scrap-quilt inspiration.  Since I'm leaving in about a week, it's not exactly the best time to start a big project.  Plus I don't have an ironing board.  :/  Not exactly the best environment for quilting.  I've found some amazing quilts.  There are some incredibly creative, talented people around.  Check out their great work.

I like this one from dollar store crafts that is a bit more organized.  All the blocks are the same pattern, but with different bits of fabric and different sizes.  It's little imperfections are just delighting.  The perfectionist in me would be annoyed, but it sure would be fun to put together! 
This one from Living and Dyeing Under the Big Sky is really cool, too.  It is pretty simple also.  Not sure I can do it with my scraps because a lot of them are smaller than those blocks, but it's a cool idea none the less.
I LOVE this one from Funthreads.  A lot more work went into it than just sewing a bunch of scraps together.  So take a step back and look for the face.  Now I've never been a big fan of star trek (probably because I just never watched it), but my man is.  He thought it was really neat.  I think I'd really enjoy the organization involved in putting together one of these.  So it's a possibility. 
   There are so many amazing quilts out there that have been an inspiration to me.  I'm really excited to get started on a quilt of my own.  I think it would lend a huge sense of accomplishment to sleep under something I made every night.  I just hope that with all the upcoming stress of moving and starting grad school I can actually do it.  Wish me luck!


  1. Thanks for the feature! The crazy quilt is fun to do, but just be aware that it takes a LONG time. I think it took me 60 hours or more to sew all the blocks (and the quilt is only about a throw quilt size). If it's your first quilt, you might want something easier & quicker for some instant gratification & a confidence booster!

  2. Those quilts are amazing!! I have done a quilt top but haven't added the batting or anything else, some my seams aren't quite perfect but I thought it was ok for a first attempt.

    I like the idea of a scrap quilt, I have tons of scraps in boxes!!

    S x
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