Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A finishing day

I finished my shorts today!!  I'm so excited.  I might wear them tomorrow to celebrate.  I think they turned out really great.  I got the fabric (classic pink seersucker) at a thrift store months ago.  I finally unfolded it and found it's a lot more fabric than I thought.  There's like 5 yards there.  I made a pattern from some shorts that fit me just by tracing around them.  I like them.

That is my first ever fly front!  I think it turned out really great, and I can't take the credit for that.  I found this amazing video tutorial. Check it out here.  It really ends you with a professional looking fly, and a better understanding of why it looks good.

I got some more work done cutting out my fabrics.  I think I have enough now to start sewing.  I'm really excited.  I think I'm going to start with the smaller ones and sew them into blocks the same size as the bigger squares.  I organized my squares and sorted them into which ones I'm going to sew together.  After dinner, it's time for sewing!  I just wish I had an ironing board...

I also got my cats food bowl secured for the car trip!  I got some 1" wide elastic and sewed it on some clips.  It works really well.  It holds it really sturdy.  I shouldn't have to worry about it in the car at all.  Now I need some more clips for the water and litter box so nothing moves!

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